Fire On The Big Four Bridge-Louisville Ky

Big Four Bridge as seen from the Louisville Wharf

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP/WHAS11) — The fire burning on the abandoned Big Four railroad bridge is now out after burning for hours Wednesday.

Louisville fire officials and Waterfront Development Corp. officials say they don’t know the extent of the fire, which broke out shortly after noon.

The Coast Guard shut down river traffic for about a mile around the bridge because debris was falling off the aging bridge and it’s keeping watercraft away.

The railroad bridge is being turned into a pedestrian walkway connecting Louisville and southern Indiana. The span was completed in 1895 and abandoned in 1969.

Louisville firefighters climbed an 80-foot aerial ladder at the southern end of the bridge to fight the fire, and some Jeffersonville firefighters got on the bridge to assist.

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Slide Show of Fire from WHAS

Fire On Big Four Railroad Bridge

Present Day

Pictures of the burned bridge below:

K&I Bridge

Click on the link to learn more about another Louisville bridge

One comment on “Fire On The Big Four Bridge-Louisville Ky

  1. This fire on the Big 4 Bridge is quiet interesting in a number of ways. First and formost is the constant media drumming about building the pedestrian walkway. The First built big four bridge HAD a pedestrian walkway over 100 years ago, I have close up crystal clear photos of same. Talk about re-inventing the wheel. Now please re-invent the fast modern trains that also crossed that same bridge. I have photos of those high-speed trains crossing the Big 4 also, as well as the K & I ! ! ! What nitwits are we- modern species.

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