Make Your Move

The following checklist will help you prepare for the big day.

Arrange for a Mover or Moving Truck

  • Check the Yellow Pages
  • Ask for referrals from friends

Get Moving Supplies

  • Cartons, tape, scissors, labels, markers
  • Packing material: newspaper, tissue, bubble wrap

Change Your Address

Complete a change of address card from the post office so they’ll know where to forward your mail. You’ll also want to notify other people directly.

  • Business associates (employer, insurance agent, bank, credit card companies)
  • Professional contacts (attorney, accountant, doctor, dentist)
  • Magazines and publications (send a copy of your mailing label
  • Other contacts (clubs, associations)
  • Friends and relatives

Settle Financial Matters (if you are moving out-of-town)

  • Close local charge accounts
  • Transfer bank accounts
  • Empty safe deposit box

Cancel Services and Establish Services at New Location

  • Newspapers
  • Home security
  • Garbage Collection
  • Cable TV
  • Lawn or snow removal
  • Cleaning service

Cancel Utilities and Establish Utilities at New Location

  • Telephone
  • Electrical
  • Gas/Fuel/Oil
  • Water/Sewer

Contact Schools and Daycare

  • Notify of move
  • Get children’s records or transcripts

Tie Up Loose Ends

  • Return borrowed items, including library books
  • Pick up dry cleaning, laundry, items in for repairs
  • Obtain medical and dental charts and records
  • Get copies of prescriptions

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