Refrigerated Ovens

Built In Refrigeration* for Cooking Later

Connect IOTM PS302SS00 (double) and PS301SS00 (single) electric wall ovens feature both a professional cooking system and advanced refrigeration system. Refrigeration keeps foods fresh for cooking later—whether preset for automatic cooking, or manual cooking—or for remote cooking so that meals can be ready when you arrive home. Also great for extra cold storage, refrigeration mode can even be used to chill beverages until guests arrive. Ultimate luxury and convenience for your lifestyle. Dinner is truly ready whenever you are ready to eat.

TMIO advanced refrigeration, plus remote command and control are based on NASA space technology, and available only from your Connect IOTM, the Intelligent Oven. Standard double and single non-refrigerated models are also available.

Internet & Telephone Remote Control

Call home from your telephone or cell phone to get dinner started. Simply dial up your oven, and tell Connect IOTM when you want dinner to be ready. Use your land line or cell phone. Or just as easily, connect to MyOvenTM via your Internet browser and adjust your oven temperature in a matter of seconds. Spend your new extra time on your lifestyle instead of being controlled by your cooking schedule.

Real Dinner in Real Time with Telephone Voice and Touch Tone Commands. Remotely control any oven function—in real time. The MyOvenTM controls you see on your Internet web browser are exactly what you see on your oven control panel at home—in real time. Remotely control cooking so that meals are ready when you arrive home—anytime, from literally anywhere in the world. The multi-award-winning Connect IOTM creates unprecedented mobility for your family members, and saves everybody time with built-in refrigeration, plus telephone and Internet remote control (based on NASA-based space technology). Imagine coming home from work to the aroma of a healthy, freshly home-cooked meal, without the stress of needing to rush to prepare—or without needing to settle for nutrition—poor fast foods. A true dream appliance for those with busy lifestyles, voilà: Home-cooked meals can ready when you are ready to come home.



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