Colgate-Palmolive Clock

Mounted atop the 1890  former reformatory, the timepiece measures 40 feet across and ranks among the largest clocks in the world. Colgate moved the clock to Indiana from its New Jersey plant in 1924.

Historical marker reads:

First state prison authorized January 9 1821 opened October 1822 on lower Market Street in Jeffersonville prisoners were confined to hard labor Prisoners were moved to new state prison opened here in Clarksville October 1847 Warden was elected by Indiana General Assembly Inmates worked in shops set up by manufacturing companies on the grounds.

1873 female inmates were transferred to Indiana Reformatory for Women and Girls in Indianapolis In 1897 prison became Indiana Reformatory for men 16-30 years old males over 30 sent to Michigan City prison In 1918 fire swept through Reformatory State sold land and buildings to Colgate Company 1921 Some original buildings still remain


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