Don’t Lose Your Home To Foreclosure!


Few people truly understand the frustrations you face in this unique real estate market. Many times it is impossible to sell home for what you owe because of the current market conditions. A SHORT SALE might be a solution!



You may qualify for one or ALL of the items below:

Bank Programs that allow you to receive money at closing to help with your relocation. Who wouldn’t want a few thousand dollars? This money is paid to you directly!

No Cash at Closing –even if you sell for a lot less than you owe

No Cost – the Bank pays attorneys and realtor’s fees

No Deficiency Judgment– the Bank will forgive the balance of your mortgage if you sell it for less than you owe

Please contact me for a confidential call to understand how you can AVOID a foreclosure.
It is not too late!

Let’s sit down and discuss getting your home SOLD so you can get on with those plans you put on hold.

Looking forward to your call,

Sheila Barrett

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