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US Marine Hospital 2215 Portland Ave Louisville, KY 40212

US Marine Hospital
2215 Portland Ave
Louisville, KY 40212

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Tim Faulkner Gallery 1512 Portland Ave Louisville KY 40212

Tim Faulkner Gallery
1512 Portland Ave
Louisville KY 40212

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CHURCH OF OUR LADY 3511 Rudd St Louisville KY 40212

Louisville KY 40212

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Make Your Move

The following checklist will help you prepare for the big day.

Arrange for a Mover or Moving Truck

  • Check the Yellow Pages
  • Ask for referrals from friends

Get Moving Supplies

  • Cartons, tape, scissors, labels, markers
  • Packing material: newspaper, tissue, bubble wrap

Change Your Address

Complete a change of address card from the post office so they’ll know where to forward your mail. You’ll also want to notify other people directly.

  • Business associates (employer, insurance agent, bank, credit card companies)
  • Professional contacts (attorney, accountant, doctor, dentist)
  • Magazines and publications (send a copy of your mailing label
  • Other contacts (clubs, associations)
  • Friends and relatives

Settle Financial Matters (if you are moving out-of-town)

  • Close local charge accounts
  • Transfer bank accounts
  • Empty safe deposit box

Cancel Services and Establish Services at New Location

  • Newspapers
  • Home security
  • Garbage Collection
  • Cable TV
  • Lawn or snow removal
  • Cleaning service

Cancel Utilities and Establish Utilities at New Location

  • Telephone
  • Electrical
  • Gas/Fuel/Oil
  • Water/Sewer

Contact Schools and Daycare

  • Notify of move
  • Get children’s records or transcripts

Tie Up Loose Ends

  • Return borrowed items, including library books
  • Pick up dry cleaning, laundry, items in for repairs
  • Obtain medical and dental charts and records
  • Get copies of prescriptions

Who To Contact

Who To Contact

Insight Communications: 502-876-5076

Gas & Electricity in Louisville

Both gas and electricity are supplied by LG&E, the Louisville Gas and Electric Company


Telephone In Kentucky

  • Bellsouth (Jefferson, Oldham, Shelby) 502-557-6500
  • Altel Kentucky (Bullitt Co) 502-543-2231

To have water turned on in your new home, just call your respective water company. Most water companies operate on a five-day business week and request a 24-hour notice. Some companies bill monthly, others bill every other month. All require small deposits for new customers. The basic minimum rate covers water, drainage and sewer services. Rates may vary based on location and usage and reviewed annually for adequacy.

Louisville Water Company (Jefferson, Oldham, Shelby, Buillett)


Water Numbers for Bullitt County

  • Kentucky Turnpike- 502-955-9281
  • Lebanon Junction- 502-833-4311
  • Mt. Washington- 502-538-4216 or 955-6784
  • Shepherdsville- 502-543-2923 or 955-7803

Water Numbers for Oldham County

  • Henry County Water District #2 (Oldham, Shelby) 502-747-8942
  • LaGrange Utilities Commission (Oldham) 502-222-9325
  • Oldham County Water District 502-722-8944

Water Numbers for Shelby County

  • North Shelby Water District 502-747-8942
  • Shelbyville Municipal Water and Sewer 502-644-2840
  • U.S. 60 East Water District 502-747-8942
  • West Shelby Water 502-722-8944

Voter Registration


Mary Millicent Garretson Miller


The First Female Steamboat Captain

Mary Millicent Garretson Miller was born in 1846 to a steamboat engineer and his wife who lived in Portland.

She married Capt. George Miller. He worked as a carpenter at a Jeffersonville, Indiana shipyard. Learning the trade as she went, Mary helped him build their 179 foot side-wheeler, the Saline.

Miller became a river pioneer by being the first to take coal down down the Mississippi. In 1829 he took two coal flats from Bon Harbor below Owensboro, Ky to the La Branche Plantation just Red Church, about thirty miles north of New Orleans

A rival company accused George of operating as both captain and pilot, which was illegal. When Mary Miller applied for her captain’s license in 1883, the local U.S. Inspectors of Steam Vessels at the New Orleans office refused her request until they could clear it with the Secretary of the Treasury.

Mary took the exam and passed. The Secretary of the Treasury wired back “that Mrs. Miller be granted a license if fit to perform the duties required, in spite of sex.” He also added that such a license would socially degrade any woman to whom it was issued.

1891- George was ready to retire. Business had declined. They made their last trip to New Orleans. They took the Swan their sailboat and spent the winter on the jetties at the mouth of the Mississippi.

Mary became ill. The towboat W.W. O’Neil towed the Swan back to Portland. Mary returned to her home on Bank Street (George build her the house as a wedding present)

1894 Mary died and is buried in Portland Cemetery.
1993- She was inducted into the American Merchant Marine Hall of Fame at Kings Point, New York and recognized by the National Rivers Hall of Fame in Dubuque Iowa in 1995.

Online Sleuthing for Homebuyers


A Monthly Newsletter from Sheila Barrett

The web has helped homebuyers find places to live for years, but a number of sites have emerged that provided a raft of information beyond price, location and photos.

Comparison Shopping

Trulia.com and Zillow.com will show you just about any type of information about a house. Users can enter a city, town or zip code and see a listing of every home for sale, sort by price, address, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, broker or type of home.

What the Neighbors Say

Other sites are designed to give users a look at neighborhoods through the eyes of the people who live there. On StreetAdvisor.com based in Melbourne, Australia, buyers can look for input from residents of a particular street, about their neighbors, local services and more.

Is It Green

Several sites cater to concerns about energy efficiency and the environment. Walkscore.com rates the walkability of a neighborhood by the proximity of stores, restaurants, schools, parks, libraries and more. At EnergyStar.gov users can find builders working with the EPA to build homes that meet the government’s Energy Star standards for energy efficiency.


GreatSchools.net and SchoolMatters.com give information for public and private schools, including test sores, student ethnicity, student-teacher ratios and spending per pupil. Parents can rate schools for principal leadership, teacher quality, extracurricular activities, parent involvement, safety and discipline.
Source: The Real Estate Journal

Interactive maps for Kentucky and Louisville Metro

Metro Mapper is an online news organization that provides interactive maps for the Louisville Metro area and Kentucky free of charge for residents and visitors. Interactive maps include sex offender, crime, restaurant, historic site, traffic cam, and real estate maps.

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Pricing Your Property

Pricing Your Property

Pricing your property right can sell your home faster.

Don’t be tempted to over-inflate the value of your property. The first days of the listing period are when the greatest activity occurs while selling your home. Overpricing may discourage prospective buyers from ever looking at your property.

For best results you should list it at a realistic price right from the beginning.If you’d like a free no obligation confidential home valuation I would be happy to assist you. This is valuable information if you are thinking of selling your home or just want to check on your investment.