Who To Contact

Who To Contact

Insight Communications: 502-876-5076

Gas & Electricity in Louisville

Both gas and electricity are supplied by LG&E, the Louisville Gas and Electric Company


Telephone In Kentucky

  • Bellsouth (Jefferson, Oldham, Shelby) 502-557-6500
  • Altel Kentucky (Bullitt Co) 502-543-2231

To have water turned on in your new home, just call your respective water company. Most water companies operate on a five-day business week and request a 24-hour notice. Some companies bill monthly, others bill every other month. All require small deposits for new customers. The basic minimum rate covers water, drainage and sewer services. Rates may vary based on location and usage and reviewed annually for adequacy.

Louisville Water Company (Jefferson, Oldham, Shelby, Buillett)


Water Numbers for Bullitt County

  • Kentucky Turnpike- 502-955-9281
  • Lebanon Junction- 502-833-4311
  • Mt. Washington- 502-538-4216 or 955-6784
  • Shepherdsville- 502-543-2923 or 955-7803

Water Numbers for Oldham County

  • Henry County Water District #2 (Oldham, Shelby) 502-747-8942
  • LaGrange Utilities Commission (Oldham) 502-222-9325
  • Oldham County Water District 502-722-8944

Water Numbers for Shelby County

  • North Shelby Water District 502-747-8942
  • Shelbyville Municipal Water and Sewer 502-644-2840
  • U.S. 60 East Water District 502-747-8942
  • West Shelby Water 502-722-8944

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