Financial Football

Financial Football-the game that turns knowledge of dollars and cents into yards and touchdowns.

Click on the team helmet to choose your team. The winner of the coin toss gets to choose to receive or kickoff. Keep answering questions to run down the field. You get tackled when you answer a question wrong.

Yards are gained by answering questions correctly. Easy questions are worth 1-5 yards, medium difficulty questions are worth 6-10 yards, and difficult questions are worth 11-20 yards. Each question takes 1 minute off the game clock, no matter the difficulty. First downs are awarded after a team correctly answers 10 yards worth of questions. If a first down is not achieved after 4 downs, then possession of the ball turns over to the other team.

Touchdowns, worth six points, are earned by getting enough correct answers to cross the goal line. An extra point question can then give you one more point if answered correctly.

Each field goal is worth 3 points and can be earned by answering a question of varying difficulty: Short field goal attempts are easy questions. Long field goals are questions of medium difficulty.

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